Solas Picture Palace, Galway

During a recent stay in Galway, I took an evening walk through the city centre and came across a very interesting but incomplete building. I immediately recognised it from a presentation we received in University of Ulster Architecture studies from dePaor. Solas Picture Palace is a new contemporary art-house cinema for Galway city, with construction beginning in 2009 and running on for nearly a decade, with final cost (largely over budget) in the region of 9million. The building overlooks an important route between High Street and The Long Walk which is currently in badly need of the big lift. Let’s hope 2017 sees the completion of Pálás!

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Exploring Istanbul

During a recent work trip to Istanbul, Turkey (the home of façade specialists Metal Yapi I took time out from a busy work schedule to explore the city.

I first took a trip to Ayasofia (Hagia Sofia), a popular tourist site at the heart of Istanbul. From its construction in 537AD to 1453 Ayasofia served as an Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, from 1453 to 1931 it served as an Imperial Ottoman Mosque, and is now a museum.

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