House and Studios in Leighlinbridge (Unbuilt)

The following project was a house and home design for my big-bro Jimmy O’ Rourke and his wife Siobhan Jordan. The project’s design and planning was during the second half of my one year architectural student placement (Year 4).

The site is located in the County of Carlow with stretching views to the local village rooftops and the landscape beyond. The dwelling would not only be a home for Jimmy, Siobhan and future family, but also a hub for Siobhan’s Visual Art Studio ( aswell as Jimmy’s songwriting, music playing and band practice ( The immediate land to the front would provide enough room for a self-sustaining level of agricultural growth.

The floor-plans are designed with living space, art and music studios, and bedrooms facing South to achieve maximum sunlight throughout the day as well as clear views to the village and landscape, with utility rooms to the North. The mono-pitch roof (along with large South facing windows) is to maximize natural light from low Winter, early-Spring and late-Autumn sun. The materiality and finishes are locally sourced granite and lime render as a respect to the village’s natural heritage.

Although the project is unbuilt, it was a gifted experience meeting Siobhan and Jimmy to establish a canvasfor their future ideas of house and hub.


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